14-10-2019 21:10:13

Snow Conditions

3/22/19 Today, March 23, 2019 the tomahawk area was given the great honor of being named one of the first snowmobile friendly communities at the 50th anniversary convention of the awsc in Green Bay. Congrats to the clubs in the area. If you want your last ride, you had better do it this weekend, as trails are closing Sunday at midnight. The riders that have been riding the last couple of days say that trails in the woods are still in really good shape. Roads are shot. But here is a first. Oneida county will have stayed open longer than Iron county. Hurley closed their trails early last week and I am hearing rumors that Michigan is also closing this weekend. Vilas and Lincoln counties are also closing on Sunday night. It has been a very good season and hope all had many miles and smiles. Again, as always, I want to thank all who came north and supported the businesses up here. We could not survive without you. THANK YOU! Gates will be closed on Monday and a sad end to a great year will occur. Until next time, enjoy the non snow seasons and I hope to see and you all next season. Fuzzy
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