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Snow Conditions

3/19/18 The word is out. Trails in Oneida county will close on March 20 at 10:00 AM. Northern trails are closed now as I was closing gates today. All funded trail gates are closed and the remainder will be tomorrow. ON Sunday, we had several ATV/UTV s and they were using the snow trails. Unfortunately for them one of out land owners was fishing in the bay and that riding snow trails is a no no. Many of our landowners are dead opposed to ATVs on their land. IT IS THEIR LAND! Please respect that or we will not have trails to ride. On a happier note, this was a really great season. Even some record setting weekends .But none of this would have been as good as it was without our great bunch of groomer drivers. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO THEM. As always, I want to thank all that came to our area and supported the businesses up north. Most of us could not survive without snow and the great people who come and patronize our establishments. 13 weeks is not a record for length, but it is one of the better ones in recent history. I hope all had happy trails and many smiles. Remember there are mileage rides and smilage rides. It just depend on the mood and day. Have a great non-snow season and I hope to see all next year and some new ones also. Fuzzy
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