21-01-2019 04:11:22

Snow Conditions

1/15/19 8:00 PM Went for an 80 mile ride today and could not believe how good most trails are. We rode around the willow and our trip to Reel-m-inn was 95% an 8 or better. with a lot of 10. The spillway trail is close due to open water so we took the longer way around. That was the worst trail we were on and it was probably a 5 or better, mostly because I do not believe that they panned it when everything else was done thus not much of base. On 12 were the first ones on after it was groom last night. this weekend will see a lot of traffic and maybe with a little luck we will get some snow. Gotta enjoy them when we can. As I've said for years "you can't ride in July". Fuzzy
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