26-02-2021 10:22:09

Snow Conditions

2/23/21 We finally are starting to get some snow. Sunday night we got 2.5" and last night we got nearly an inch. Tonight is supposed to be 3-5". We rode about 75 mile today. We left around 11:30 and trail were fair to excellent depending on where you were. The weatherman told us it would cloudy today and that was a lie. Coming home trails had taken a beating with the sun. there were several bare spots that had developed over the day, but the snow tonight should help tremendously. Temps are to drop and be near normal for the weekend. Blacktop roads took the biggest hit. One of weathermen said last night that the weather patterns are to change with more southerly flow of moisture and we could see several "Oklahoma hooker" type storms in the next few weeks. Don't give up yet. I do want to apologize to the riders that rode into here last weekend and thru Monday for the rough trails that they endured. We had a "groomer" issue that I think is being resolved. Last night, Ted triple groomed that and this morning it was as smooth as a baby's butt. Not exactly the whitest snow I've ever seen but smooth. Now snow on it tonight. You need to check out northentrailsunlimited facebook page for clues each week to have a chance to win $50 in gift certificates. from the establishments. there is a box buried in the snow somewhere on our trail system. And you could be the lucky person to find it. the clues are in the bars starting on Wednesday Feb 3 and will be added to the facebook page the next week. . Stop by any NTU establishment and get this weeks clue.23
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